Friday, May 25, 2012


My blog passed 80,000 reads in the last 12 hours. This after 2 years amazes me. For a site that is non commercial and doesn’t advertise itself! Time to say thanks to everyone who follows the site. Thanks to everyone who checks back here now and then to read posts.

I am thankful that I work with such amazing and truly inspiring people. I am thankful that I have inspiring colleagues around the globe!

Volunteer management is such an awesome profession! Volunteerism is such an awesome movement!

Thank you for sharing part of my journey!


  1. Congratulations DJ on reaching over 80,000 page views. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. Your passion for volunteerism and volunteer management is truly inspiring.

  2. Congrats DJ! I only recently found your blog (and spent some time going through the archives!) and seriously love your work, it rocks! Thank you

  3. Thanks Wendy for your kind words! And for your own valued contribution to the site!

  4. Hey Alex - thank you so much! So glad you stumbled upon this site! Thanks for taking the time to write! :-)

  5. wow! Congrats DJ 100K is looking closer. Keep on challenging us, eh? Did you find the readership has grown steadily or have there been jumps?

  6. Thanks Martin! Although the readership has grown over the years there are significant jumps throughout the year. it seems to me that one needs to be constantly posting to maintain the same stats. I also find a definite link to high readership and promoting posts on social media!


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