Sunday, June 12, 2011

Susan Ellis on Tour - and a snapshot by VOLQLD TV

Thanks to the efforts of Volunteering Queensland, OZVPM and People First Total Solutions we had the honour of having Susan Ellis touring Australia recently. I had the privilege of seeing Susan at workshop in Brisbane Australia.

Volunteering Qld have developed A TV Channel which I believe to be an innovative step for any volunteer agency in the globe
It features a regular mix of best practice features on organisations leading volunteering, evocative stories detailing interesting, meaningful volunteer experiences and news on volunteering trends, issues and happenings.

I have talked about this agency taking a leading global position on leadership in matters volunteering before and here is a perfect example
They have great people doing great things in my opinion.

And I am lucky to be a witness to that as I reside in Queensland.

The volunteers they have working on VolunteeringQLDTV are most impressive.
By clicking on the title of this posting you get to see their production and report of Susan Ellis, "It takes a whole organisation."

It is already the top rated clip on Volunteering Qld TV after only being up for 4 days and is the 4th highest viewed clip. Given that it’s only been online for 4 days I am thinking that its resonating with people already.

And why wouldn’t it?

In a few minutes you get to see some great pearls of wisdom from Susan!


  1. It's a great clip and gives a great insight into Susan J Ellis' message on the day.

  2. This has now, as of this date, become the most viewed and top rated clip on VolQld TV


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