Volunteer Management Blog Nominated for award

Today I received a lovely surprise by email:

“Congratulations on being nominated for the Best Australian Blogs 2011 Competition, brought to you by the Sydney Writers' Centre. Offering over $7,500 worth of prizes and showcasing the Australian blogosphere, the Best Australian Blogs 2011 competition has 4 distinct categories and is also running a People's Choice award that you can opt into.”

This came from Rose Powell Communications Coordinator at the Best Australian Blogs 2011 Competition - A Sydney Writers' Centre Initiative

This came totally out of the blue and I’d like to thank the person who nominated me! I often talk about validating our colleagues in the Volunteer Management sector and here is the perfect example of how we can do such things.

I have opted into the people’s choice award as well as I feel this can be an opportunity to promote the Volunteer Management sector. I will be letting you know how you can support me with this via this blog and Facebook and other social media.

Valerie Khoo founded the Sydney Writers’ Centre in 2005, with a vision for it to be the kind of buzzing, dynamic and results-focused organisation she wish had existed when she was finding her feet as a writer. It is now Australia’s leading centre for writing training.


Watch this space!


  1. Very well deserved DJ, congratulations

  2. Thanks Rob.Hopefully another avenue to promote the dynamic sector that is Volunteer Management.

  3. GREAT news, DJ! Hope you win, but even the nomination is lovely -- and useful to spread the word about our field. Here, here!

  4. Thanks Susan! Its a great vehicle to talk about our field!

  5. Well done DJ. This is a really good acknowledgement of your indomitable writing style. You now have another avenue to promote the volunteer management sector. This nomination is indeed a great credit to you.

  6. Thanks for your kind thoughts Wendy!

  7. Well done DJ!

    It is well deserved recognition
    ..although we will never shut you up now :O)


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