One day soon in Volunteer Management

One day Volunteer Management will be a sought after role.

One day most organisations will have a full time Volunteer manager. One day all corporates will have volunteer managers facilitating employee volunteering programs not just as part of their social responsibility but because it will be the norm to do so.

One day the leaders in volunteerism will be mostly drawn from volunteer management profession because they are the people at the coal face.

One day the management of volunteers will not be given to people who have another role in that organisation – one day it will be realised that “looking after the vollies” is not a simple process.

One day Government will realise that they cannot talk about increasing volunteering without funding greater volunteer management resources.

One day Government will consult with the volunteer management sector when we become relevant.

One day we will make ourselves so.

One day there will be an educational pathway into volunteer management.

One day Volunteer management will be a career option for people and will have a stand at career expos.

One day peak bodies for volunteering will strengthen their mission and value by developing crucial and close links with volunteer managers.

One day there will be a national conference on volunteer management and an international one too.

One day corporates will see the value in supporting scholarships and awards in Volunteer Management.

One day a leadership narrative will emerge in our profession. One day people will engage in dialogue in our future en masse and not the same “old few”

One day, those who hold us back will let go for various reasons.

One day we will gather the courage and conviction to grow. change and emerge as the amazing profession of difference makers.

One day we will be the leaders and an example to other professions in leadership and management.

We already do so.

We already make that difference.

We already lead and inspire.

One day we will realise and recognise this.


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