Saturday, October 30, 2010

Volunteer Management Polls - your ideas?

With only a handful of days to go to International Volunteer Managers Day can I encourage you to response to the two polls on my blog? I am getting some very interesting feedback so far but would love to see more visits responding. If every unique visitor was responding we would have much more input and data.

Answers so far have been very interesting. In particular I note in the question “What are your thoughts on International Volunteer Managers Day?” that 22% of the answers given don’t get the day or have never heard of it.

Very interesting answer too on the question seeking agreement or disagreement on the statement “”My peak body on Volunteering in my country supports Volunteer management”

28% are not aware they have any peak body on volunteering. It would be interesting to poll on these people further. Like where are they from?

Alos in regards to polls for Volunteer management. I would like to throw this open to you? Let me know what kind of poll would be interesting for Volunteer management? Post your ideas here and we might run with them!


  1. Ok here is my idea for a poll.

    Do you feel that you are supported in your role as volunteer manager/coordinator? You may select multiple answers.

    o I feel that I am supported by the management in my organization
    o I feel that I am supported by the staff in my organization
    o I feel that I am supported by other volunteer managers
    o I feel very isolated in my role
    o I do not have contact with other volunteer managers
    o I would like to have contact with other volunteer managers in my field

    So what do you think?

  2. Hiya....we did this in the global volunteer management survey (see results at

    we are going to run it again


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