Saturday, October 30, 2010

Australian National Conference on Volunteering

Didn’t go this year. Various reasons. Thought it was costly and again felt that it was lacking a focus on volunteer management. Still I kept updated with some great updates from Pro Bono Australia who did a good job of covering the event. They should be invited to cover the next Australasian Retreat for Advanced Volunteer Management.

Some points I found interesting

Bernard salt told the conference that as baby boomers approach retirement age, they will not cease activities and will turn to volunteering. He said Not for Profit and other volunteer-involving organisations will need to package and market to this generation and their expectations.

Nothing new there for Volunteer management. We’ve been saying that for years!

How about Elaine Bradley from Ireland and what she said? CEO of Volunteering Ireland Elaine Bradley said that volunteer peak bodies need to move away from ideas of ownership of volunteering and move towards a decentralisation of volunteering infrastructure.

Wow – wonder what Volunteering Australia and the state peak bodies thought of that!

No one owns volunteering right?


  1. Miss Bradley is speaking utter rubbish - in fact her whole speech is inaccurate and not based on any fact or research . You only have to ask the volunteer centres in Ireland about her organisation and the content of her speech to know that the she has presented a speech that has no basis in fact or any concrete research but is all personal opinion. But then again, this is typical of this particular organisation.

  2. Hi mary and thanks for taking the time to reply. I was not present at the presentation myself and I look forward to seeing a full transcript.

  3. Elaine has already struck me as someone who dies significant research and is passionate about building volunteering on Ireland and blindly.

    Where are you from Mary and what are the concerns you are referring to? Were you at the conference? Utter rubbish is a strong statement!


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