Saturday, September 25, 2010

An opportunity for the Voice of Volunteer Management to be heard

(with thanks to Jayne Cravens for the heads up!)

This blogger often laments that we take little action to advance our sector. My articles are mostly about advocating for the Volunteer management sector…encouraging those of usn who are willing and able to stand up and help advance our sector because we know that Volunteer managerment is a vital cog in the wheel of community and society.

And every now and then an opportunity presents itself where we can take simple measures to voice our opinion as a field. Sometime we do not take that opportunity. People challenge me on this blog to offer solutions rather than talk of our ills. I have presented many…but here is another

Many voices work. It’s a simple philosophy and tactic used to great effect by groups such as Amnesty International.

Some great things happen in the volunteerism and service world. Sometimes Volunteer Management is simply forgotten in the equation of that. It exists…but is simply forgotten. Well meaning corporate engage this world and sometimes forget that there is an established field in volunteer Management for example..On a global scale….albeit a small one..And still fledgling and unsure of itself but existent never the less.

Rather than whine it is our duty to educate them. Yes you..the Volunteer manager..yes you the person associated with volunteer management whether you are a Volunteer, CEO in the volunteerism sector on a national peak body, an MP with responsibility for volunteerism, a state body for volunteering, a trainer, consultant, blogger, or a person simply interested in the filed of volunteer management because you are intelligent enough to know that it matters!

So here’s an opportunity

I have already signed on

Will you join me?

Will you be willing to be a part of the Volunteer management voice?

It will only take a few of us

Say a few dozen globally

Imagine though…50 volunteer managers involved globally

Wouldn’t they then sit up and take notice

That little number?

We have more power than we think

When we collaborate

Read on and join me

Join us October 10th – 12th, 2010, for an important dialogue on "Service as a Solution."
The Service Jam is an online event that will engage non-profit organizations, corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies in a discussion on how social innovation can help solve our world’s largest problems.
By engaging prominent leaders, professionals, and passionate individuals, the Jam aims to generate breakthrough ideas that will redefine service and social innovation. Through IBM’s Jam technology, participants can collaborate virtually and have the flexibility to log into the Jam from anywhere in the world at anytime most convenient to them during the three day event.

Featuring special guests:
George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the U.S.
Ray Chambers, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Malaria
Harris Wofford, U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania
Michael Nutter, Mayor, City of Philadelphia
Jean Case, CEO, The Case Foundation
Sam Palmisano, President and CEO, IBM
Marc-Philippe Daubresse, Minister for Youth and Solidarities, France
During the Jam, invited Hosts—distinguished leaders in the social sector—will be leading specific discussion forums, as well as conversing live with participants.There will be 8 discussion forums occurring at the same time. Participants are encouraged to join any forum of their choice at any time during the event. Check out the Discussion Forums and Hosts below!
• Quantum Leaps in Service
Groundbreaking innovations fueling the service movement
John Bridgeland, President & CEO
Civic Enterprises
Stan Litow, Vice President
Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM
Steve Gunderson, President & CEO
Council on Foundations

• The Digital Revolution in Service
Transforming the service sector through technology
Bruno Di Leo, General Manager
IBM Growth Markets
Michael Brown, CEO & Co-Founder
City Year

• Empowering the Individual
Personalizing civic engagement for the individual
Gloria Rubio-Cortes, President
National Civic League
Michelle Nunn, CEO
Points of Light (POL) & Co-Founder, Hands On Network

• Increasing Value & Impact of Service
Maximizing resources within an organization
Deirdre White, President & CEO
CDC Development Solutions
Diana Aviv, President & CEO
Independent Sector
• Scaling Impact
Replicating effective solutions to broaden social impact
Alan Khazei, CEO & Founder
Be The Change
Marcia Ito, M.D., PhD ,
State Technology Education Center Paula Souza, Brazil

• Measuring Social Impact
Maximizing and sustaining change through metrics
Helene Gayle, President & CEO
Patrick Corvington, CEO
Corporation for National & Community Service

• Progress through Collaboration
Building cross-sector partnerships critical to success
Jane Jamieson, Vice President
Digital Opportunity Trust, Turkey
Sidney E. Goodfriend, Chairman and Founder
American Corporate Partners

• Global Challenges, Local Action
Customizing solutions to solve world issues
Ariel Kestens, Head of Support Services
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Chile
Brian A. Gallagher, President & CEO
United Way Worldwide
James Anderson,
Cities of Service

Following the Jam, IBM in collaboration with key partners will produce a white paper summarizing key findings and highlighting creative ideas to share with participants. This document will reveal key trends in social innovation and will serve as a pragmatic guide to help organizations innovate, design and improve service programs.
Join service leaders from around the globe October 10-12 at 10:00 am US Eastern Standard Time, as we discuss the current and future role of Service as a Solution. If you have any questions, please contact your IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Representative or email To see Service Jam start and end times in various parts of the world, please visit the registration page


Lets make a special guest from the world of Volunteer Management!!!!!!!


  1. Wow DJ you certainly do come up with some very good global solutions!!! I must admit my first reaction to this after looking at the topics on the IBM website was one of insecurity and self doubt. You know the usual - am I good enough, worthy enough, experienced enough etc to participate in this forum of such renowned global leaders. After all I am just a Volunteer Coordinator . . . . . . . (and hold it right there!!) Isn't this just the attitude that holds our sector back? Then on further reflection I thought what have I got to lose? The worst that could happen is that my suggestions and opinions could be totally ignored but the best that could happen is that my opinions and suggestions could be put into the white paper and become part of a global solution. How awesome would that be? Thoughts become things - so I am thinking bold, positive, global ones!!! I will be joining you on this one DJ.

  2. Brilliant post Wendy and thanks for articulating such a succinct point! You totally get why I want Volunteer Managers to be involved in this. I hope everyone reading my blog sees your reply! Thank you. See ya at the forum where I look forward to your bold and positive contribution!


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