Sunday, June 13, 2010

Volunteer Management and Social Media: Are we keeping up with the times?

My colleague Jayne Cravens has been talking about this for years. A person ahead of her time. A leader. Jayne will be surprised to hear that I was once a little skeptical of her message.

No longer.

I have engaged the social media revolution by writing this blog. I have engaged with just under 1,000 individual visitors in just under 3 months! And pages have been downloaded just under 3,000 times. It has blown me away! People from 27 different nations have visited this site! And setting up a blog hasn’t been that hard.

A year ago I knew little of blogs, and how to track website hits etc…
Now I am promoting my blog through various social mediums! All of this from a guy who didn’t get social media a few years back.

Its no fad.

And the field of volunteer management need to be there. We need to get it. I suggest that volunteers already do. A grasp on social media is a requisite for our leadership!

Now marvel at this posted on YouTube

Social Media and Volunteer Management! - We can’t afford to miss the boat


  1. Thanks DJ...I use that video in the training we do on Social Media. What hit me personally and your blog reminded me of this is that my company's Facebook was getting as many visitors per month as the readers of our newsletter! Yet we were spending more time on our newsletter than on our Facebook page. We are now shifting some resources. We are not giving up on the newsletter but we have to talk to our Facebook audience too.

  2. Wow Martin - you give a perfect example on how social media is beginning to influence our sector! Thanks!

  3. If you want to connect with humans, you have to use the Internet. That doesn't mean you abandon your other communications methods. But the reality is that this isn't the CB radio of our generation -- it's here to stay. The good news is that, if you are a great communicator offline, you are going to be one online -- and DJ, you're a perfect example of that!

  4. Great article. I agree that how your brand is portrayed is very important.

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