Saturday, May 15, 2010

With two hands and a heart - Thoughts from an Argentinian Volunteer Coordinater (Guest Post)

With two hands and a heart

My name is Vanessa and I work as coordinator in charge of programs in Argentina for Abroader View Volunteers Corps and I would like to share some impressions about what’s volunteering is about.

During my 3 years involved in this work I've could learn that volunteering is one of the most needed actions in our world. Why? simply because is these times we are living is urgent to learn for good we can not do it alone, and more than money or big agreements for a future full of progress, the most important thing we need to survive is the generous colaboration of some other that really care here and now.

All definitions emphasize volunteer to be an activity of free choice, without expecting payment in return. I would also add that it is important to love volunteering to do it well.

When we volunteer, we give our time, knowledge, experience to others in need but above all we give love for free and this requires a deep commitment from our part with others, and let flow our spirit of humanity without pride involved, because we are all vulnerable and the hand that receives our help today may be the one to hold us tomorrow.

There is no excuse to avoid volunteering. If you think about it, you can do something for someone. When we think of volunteering, most of us think in images of people like heroes helping other in far lands affected by poverty or war. Well, is this, but the most of the time is even simpler. Heroism is in every one of us, every morning we decide to face the day with our better mood, even without knowing what we can expect outsider the door.

If you look around you'll find more than one occasion to help. Volunteering is a decision, a commitment and a way to live our lives in relationship with others. One of the questions that make me most is that people need to volunteer? My answer is categorical: "You yourself, with your two hands and one heart”.

When we volunteer, we are all equal in our capacity to give, we can all be generous, sharing a joke, helping a child in their homework, listen the memories of a grandfather, reading to a blind person. The opportunities are endless and you just need that flame burning in your heart that is the desire to serve. Because of all the joy, the joy of serving others is the greatest.

Vanessa Alejandra

Vanessa is a volunteer coordinator from Buenos Aires, Argentina


  1. I totally agree with you Vanessa. You truly express empathy and compassion for humanity in your article. I also believe that these are great attributes to have for this type of volunteering.

  2. I feel your words are so heartfelt Vanessa! Thank you for sharing!


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