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Thank you Volunteers! (All year round!)

What is there left to say about National Volunteer Weeks?

They come and go each year. In various countries at various times of the year. Here in Australia it’s next week. As a manager of volunteers it’s an exciting time for me. I am lucky. I work for an organisation that values volunteers all year round. And they do turn it on for Volunteers week. We have the ceremony, the entertainment, the recognition. The reflection on what a privilege it is to have so many talented and skillful people volunteering their time all year round. It’s a formal recognition.

And volunteers appreciate that! No doubt. But they appreciate it more when they know that their contribution is recognized all year round. After all volunteers just don’t volunteer for National Volunteer Week.

It’s good to see Media getting in on it. Channel Tens the project had a promo on TV tonight talking about their show next week and saying how they would be highlighting volunteering as it is National Volunteer Week. Well done…

On running out of Volunters!

A recent newstory from ABC News Australia

"Meals on Wheels is warning that it is running out of volunteers to keep up with the demands of a rapidly ageing community.

The service is trying to recruit young people to fill its ranks, and says without new recruits it might not be able to continue in the long term.

Chief executive officer of Meals on Wheels NSW, Les MacDonald, says the organisation's volunteers are getting older.

"Unless we can replace them with younger generations of volunteers, we face the prospect of Meals on Wheels not being around in 10 to 15 years," he said.

"I think that would be a tragedy for the Australian community."

Running out of volunteers is never a nice headline to see. I passed by a charity thrift shop only recently to see a sign plastered on their shop front – “Volunteers needed urgently” Looks like another venture “running out of volunteers”

Sometimes it’s hard to find the answers. But sometimes maybe the right questions are not be…