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Volunteering quote!

Volunteering is the trend that transcends all trends and will one day be forever cool or the word that supplants cool…after all something that just keeps on giving and giving will never be uncool!

DJ Cronin

On where we are at and what we say.

I’ve been blogging for over 17 months now. And anyone except for the non occasional reader can tell that I have the same few points. Indeed maybe some will say that I go on about the same old thing again and again and again and again.

And again.

For that I make no apology. For I only go on and on about any matter if I think it’s an ongoing issue in our sector.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a crime to expect that volunteer management should be a well resourced and well paid occupation. And this is a major “fall down” aspect of our sector. The same I suppose could be said of many areas in community service. The old line goes like this “ if you are in any sort of community service such as volunteering, caring for the disadvantaged, a carer, counselor, social worker, youth worker, etc then you will not be paid as much and in my opinion linked to something that is valued as much as other professions.”

As much as I hate to admit it there is a connection surely between value and pay when i…

Self belief

Sometimes we can get a little lost in our roles. By that I mean we can get caught up in the busyness and feel like it’s difficult to come up for air.
Very often we work in isolation. This is why it’s healthy to have networks and colleagues to support us.

But every now and then I think it is worthwhile to have a little self dialogue. I am a person who believes in self affirmations. I know its not for everyone and each to their own. But here is one I found a while ago. The author is unknown. If you do know who wrote it please let me know.

“There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren't the way you had hoped they would be, that’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better.

There are times when people disappoint you and let you down, but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of.

There will be challenges to face and ch…

Great YouTube Vid from Volunteering Queensland to Mark IVMD! Click here and Share!



Effective Volunteer management is about leadership

"Rely on your own strength of body and soul. Take for your star self-reliance, faith, honesty and industry. Don't take too much advice — keep at the helm and steer your own ship, and remember that the great art of commanding is to take a fair share of the work. Fire above the mark you intend to hit. Energy, invincible determination with the right motive, are the levers that move the world."
Noah Porter

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
John Quincy Adams

"Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm."
Publilius Syrus

Effective Volunteer management is about Action

"To be a great leader and so always master of the situation, one must of necessity have been a great thinker in action. An eagle was never yet hatched from a goose's egg."
James Thomas

"Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall fi…

Rob Jackson On YouTube on International Volunteer Managers Day!

OK! Here’s a way we can support International Volunteer Managers Day! Let’s support a colleague who has taken the time and effort to make a You Tube video about the day!

I have only met Rob Jackson once but I am confident in saying that this is a man who is an absolute advocate for our profession!

I think he has made history in being the first person to create a vlog on IVMD????

This vid has 22 views. It deserves much more. Please spread it around!
Hear Robs views By clicking on the title of the blog!

Support IVMD by watching this on Youtube!!!