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Will Volunter Management embrace "No Recognition Day?"

Here’s an article from Volunteerism Gazette that I thought you would find fascinating

Will Volunter Management embrace "No Recognition Day?"

By Don J Volau

The United Nations has just declared April 1st “No Recognition for Profession Day”
A spokesperson for the UN, Noah Valu explained the day

“Since the early days of the United Nations system, the UN has established a set of Days and Weeks to help focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment. The UN has called on Member States and other organizations to mark these days in ways which reflect their priorities.

However “No Recognition Day” aims to serve the causes that have been left behind.

“So for example I think that this day will bring comfort to many groups around the world such as community workers, carers and Volunteer managers."

When urged to explain further by your befuddled correspondent Noah Valu explained

‘There is an inequality in this world. While we acknowledge that the doc…

20,000 thank yous !

I just thought I'd do a quick post to mark the occasion of this blog getting more that 20,000 page hits today. This blog celebrates its first birthday in a couple of days. To reach this milestone now before that is amazing. Thanks for reading!

SEX and Volunteer Management

Martin J Cowling continues to traverse the world bringing the message of advanced volunteer management to the Masses. I find it fascinating to see what his sessions bring up in various quarters. Martin recently presented at the 20th Annual Texas Volunteer management Conference. Martin hosted a one day "Advanced Workshop" before the conference itself and as his blog (the link is on this site) states these were the issues that emerged:

•how hungry people were for knowledge, training and tips
•the low status of volunteer management and managers in the sector
•the aging volunteer force
•rules and regulations regarding volunteering
•the new technologies and medias
•how few men are in the sector

All very interesting but I have to highlight some issues here and they are these:

“The low status of volunteer management and managers in the sector” and “how few men are in the sector”

Now, before I continue let me draw your attention to something Sue Hines, who blogs on volunteer…

A belief , a theory and an action in Volunteer Management


Robert Oxton Bolton once said that “A belief is not merely an idea that the mind possesses. It is an idea that possesses the mind.” You know how when some quotes just bounce off you without effect and some deeply resonate within your very being? The latter are rare occurrences but seem to be becoming more active in my life. Bolton’s quote truly resonates with me.

Here are my beliefs:

Volunteerism is an inspirational and powerful global movement

Leaders of volunteers have powerful and inspirational roles in society

As a sector we do not sell this message or worse – we do not believe it to be true.


My belief has led me to develop a theory and it is this:

The level of support and recognition given to volunteer management is directly proportional to the level of support and recognition given to volunteers.

This can apply on many levels – Organisations, Community, Government and can even be applied to the volunteerism sector itself. To be sure, having to include the…

Stories of Hope

When world news is populated with grimness one must seek stories of hope. Volunteerism is one such story…people reaching out, lending a hand, an ear, a shoulder to cry on in crisis. Wherever there are tears…there are volunteers.

School Volunteering: Stop me before I volunteer again! ! !

Being passionate about volunteerism in general as well as volunteer management I am constantly looking for interesting views and analysis on the movement or sector or field or whatever we like to call it. School volunteering is now a little more interesting to me as my own life path enters into the school realm!

So you can imagine why an article that begins with the words "Stop me before I volunteer again..." So reads a magnet on my fridge that sits exactly at my eye level.” Grabs my attention"!

School volunteering.

Now there’s a loaded topic for many future blogs. I would love to hear of your experiences in school volunteering. I feel there is not enough written on the topic? Or if I am missing some research or literature on the topic please alert me.

It also leads me to ask – when you volunteer …are you looking at the situation with your volunteer management hat on???

Do we have increased expectations when we volunteer ourselves????

By the way...the article I ment…

Time to call a spade a spade in Volunteer Management

Because volunteering is nice and lovely and “free” Volunteer Management has issues in gaining a foothold on professions that are taken seriously.
We are not getting anywhere because of our current thinking in volunteer management. Here are the 5 main reasons and behaviors that I believe keep us down.

1.Flat Earthers.

Old flat earth ways of thinking – not ready to embrace change. I’m talking here in terms of definitions of volunteering and how we manage volunteer programs.

2.Low expectations

“I work in a not for profit – therefore I half expect poor. Poor resources poor pay poor future etc.” Most volunteering operates in a not for profit sector. Note how I say “most” . NFP should not equate with NPE – Not Paying Enough. Savy NFPs pay top dollar for expertise whether it be CEOs, Fundraising directors, Marketing specialists etc. Savy NFPs incorporate savvy corporate thought and models to drive their business to improve their own bottom line which is providing a better service for th…

One day soon in Volunteer Management

One day Volunteer Management will be a sought after role.

One day most organisations will have a full time Volunteer manager. One day all corporates will have volunteer managers facilitating employee volunteering programs not just as part of their social responsibility but because it will be the norm to do so.

One day the leaders in volunteerism will be mostly drawn from volunteer management profession because they are the people at the coal face.

One day the management of volunteers will not be given to people who have another role in that organisation – one day it will be realised that “looking after the vollies” is not a simple process.

One day Government will realise that they cannot talk about increasing volunteering without funding greater volunteer management resources.

One day Government will consult with the volunteer management sector when we become relevant.

One day we will make ourselves so.

One day there will be an educational pathway into volunteer management.

One day V…

A show to check out - and get back to me on

I received an email from ABC America today and although this show is currently aimed at an American audience I am happy to share info here as according to my stats most readers hail from the US.

I do not endorse this show however as I have never seen it and have asked for copies to be emailed to me. More comment then…but in the meantime…check it out for yourself on US TV

“My name is Christina Megerian, from ABC Entertainment Marketing. I’m writing to share with you, your friends and colleagues exciting news about a new uplifting series airing on ABC called Secret Millionaire.

Premiering Sunday, March 6th at 8|7c on ABC, Secret Millionaire will chronicle highly-successful millionaires who are given the opportunity to put aside their relative luxury to experience the day-to-day struggles of people who are comparatively underprivileged. Along the way of their journey, the millionaires learn it is not about just giving money, but also giving their energy, their attention, and their ti…

“Bold Goals attract Bold People”

“Bold Goals attract Bold People”

I was honoured to be invited by Volunteering Queensland (VQ) to attend a presentation yesterday by John Wood , best-selling author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and Founder and Executive Chair of Room to Read, the fastest growing non-profit in history.

At age 35, John Wood left an international executive career track at Microsoft out of deep concern that nearly one billion people lack basic literacy and that over 200 million children in the developing world are not enrolled at school.

Room to Read has sponsored the opening of 1129 schools and established 10 000 multi-lingual libraries across the developing world. The event was organised by Volunteering Qld's Business Roundtable and Macquarie.

Opening the event VQs CEO Jelenko Dragisic spoke of the Business Roundtable as an opportunity for NFPs and Corporates to interact and work more efficiently together. I was very interested to hear of this roundtable. Here is a summary from VQs websi…

AAVA Response to Blog "Five emails and Volunteer Management Action"

Greetings DJ, on behalf of the AAVA board I would like to thank you for your email and for the pertinent questions that you raised.

The Board held its annual planning meeting this last weekend and the questions you raised informed an important part of our discussion.

The AAVA board acknowledges that the last 12 months have brought considerable challenges which have impacted on our capacity to meet the expectations of our members. We, as both board members and members of AAVA ourselves, have struggled with our understanding of the role that AAVA should fulfill and which you have articulated in your questions, especially around the role of advocacy.

To address this, the board worked with an external facilitator at our planning meeting revisiting and reconfirming the purpose of AAVA as an “organization to enhance and develop the role of individuals working in the field of volunteer management”. We then established an action plan for the coming year which will ensure that:

·we provide …

Back blogging

Hello there.

I’ve had some nice time off. Went nowhere. Just had some “switch off” time. Those of you in busy Volunteer management and coordination roles know where I am coming from. A lot of exciting things have been happening in the volunteer Management world in the last few weeks and I plan on blogging on some upcoming events and stories.

This blog will celebrate its first birthday on March 22. Then I will talk about how amazed I am at what has happened in the last year.

But I would, in the meantime like to mention some amazing facts about the month of February just gone.

February 2011 recorded the most visits to this site ever. In total this blog had 1,834 individual visitors for the month!

Hope your year is inspiring and dynamic already!