When a take away was Fish N Chips

Is it just me or has corporate jargon come in and infected our sector? Are you now invited to a Deep Dive instead of a meeting? Do you talk about incentivizing volunteers and working on future proofing your one to one synergy? Are you now, like so many, onboarding volunteers? Imagine onboarding board members.

Are you leveraging a multidisciplinary and multifunctional volunteer team which is mission critical with awesome growth strategies? Good on you. Perhaps you are simplifying hyper-scale niche markets. As long as you are also energistically benchmarking impactful leadership skills you should be doing fine.

Remember when a take away was fish N Chips and when a deliverable was pizza at your front door? Remember when scrums were just for Rugby fields? Maybe I’m just getting old, or should I say age challenged, and I’m yearning for a simple language of old that spoke of meaning, and helping people and doing good or simply doing what you can to help others. This jargon speak hasn’t infected the volunteering sector, or should I say the volunteering space, completely yet, but the signs of its emergence are there. I think an astronaut should be the only person entitled to say “I work in that space” but I digress.

Today we need to be client-based, client-centred, client-centric and client-focused. Yesterday we just helped the person, the human being. Yesterday we helped as many people as we could. Today we need to be cross functional, cross-media, cross-platform and cross-unit. Maybe I’m just becoming a cross middle aged man! I’m not cross but I am just aware of these changes. Or should I just say I am across it. As long as I have a good ROI on volunteers I should be ok I guess. I just need to read up on block chains and supply chains but sometimes I feel like I am in chains!

I am an action man with action items! I am an enigma wrapped in a paradigm. I can embrace change but I prefer embracing humans. Although I should enthusiastically syndicate enterprise-wide catalysts for change.  This jargon speak may become, after all, part of our core competencies

I’d love for you to mind share and tell me what your take aways from this blog post are. If you are not willing to mind share right now just sense check it in real time. Because you know, in false time can’t be good.  Going forward I hope you share this article because going backwards you won’t!

And if you want to value add go right ahead. Always remember that you really can't fail with four-dimensional strategic matrix approaches.

“English, as a subject, never really got over its upstart nature. It tries to bulk itself up with hopeless jargon and specious complexity, tries to imitate subjects it can never be.” -  Zadie Smith




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