Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back Blogging and my Top Ten reasons for doing so

It’s been well over a year since I last blogged. As inundated as I was by the 1435 emails in total asking why I had not blogged recently or where had I gone I had decided to take a hiatus. There were a few reasons and I’ll be honest with you my blog reader or fan (both of you)

1.       Life got very busy: Kids. Work. Theatre. Social life. Enough to silence any blogger.

2.       Disenchantment: a feeling that the Volunteer Management sector was going around in circles and going nowhere and I was getting dizzy.

3.       Health; Not the best of years.

So 3 real reasons. I’m not doing too badly now to those 504 people who are about to post a comment if I am OK. And my sarcasm has not been dented at all.

But suffice to say I am back on my horse and those Sacred Cows of our sector should be shaking in their boots. I have much to say.

Nearly a quarter of a million page views have made this blog and I am looking forward to passing that mark soon.  Here are some of the topics I plan on covering in the next 12 months. If you are interested you will come back. Here are my top 10:

1.       Student volunteering: why we are driving them away
2.       Educating paid staff on Volunteering
3.       Why International Volunteer Managers Day Matters more now than ever
4.       Volunteering Definition: Get with the program
5.       On why we are focusing on the wrong issues
6.       Volunteer Management Associations: How are they going?
7.       Where are all the VMs gone and why are we not tracking their reasons for leaving?
8.       Volunteering worth billions? – why no one is listening
9.       What is Effective Volunteer Management?
10.   What do volunteers want when it comes to volunteer management?

If you have any other topic that you would like covered or any questions that I could cover please let me know.

I may be back – but mark my words, I aint holding back. Watch this space!

Real life comments on DJ Cronin’s writing:

“Well DJ – I think the wonderful thing is that it is an Irish man pushing the envelope – pity we can’t all sit down with a Guinness and have a good old chin wag about this!”

“Congratulations DJ for bringing out into the open one of the areas of discussion that we as a sector need to have.”
“I say bring on more discussion about our “Sacred Cow” issues to that we can continue to challenge ourselves and set up true, achievable and evolving benchmarks for our sector.”

“Thanks DJ for putting your head above the parapet and being prepared to share your thoughts.”

“Thanks again for more laugh out loud moments (a health giving exercise I understand’! )”

“I have no idea what he is on about”

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