Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do we inspire people to change their lives, willingly and for good?

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the way organisations advertise for Volunteer Managers. To me Volunteer Management can be an inspiring and dynamic profession and I don’t think this comes across when organisations look for their next Volunteer Manager. It should. When they list the desired qualities for the prospective VM I’ve rarely seen Inspiration or Leadership mentioned. Very often I've read “experience managing volunteers desirable but not necessary”

I recently came across a one page ad in the newspaper for the Shannon Company seeking people. What drew me to the ad was their large headline that read “We inspire people to change their lives, willingly and for good” It made me think about Volunteer Management.

The ad from the specialist behaviour-change consultancy went on to list the qualities they were seeking and I list them all here. Because again, it got me thinking about Volunteer Management. Imagine an ad that listed these qualities in their search for a great VM.

1. An Original Thinker

2. An Inspirer

3. A Curios Soul

4. A Perpetual Optimist

5. An Open Mind

6. A story Teller

7. A persuasive Nature

8. Not Dour

I just loved that list. I warmed to the companies values so it was also inspired advertising. I loved number 8!

The role of Volunteer Manager is an important one for any organisation. In seeking to attract inspiring leaders they could learn a bit about how they demonstrate their values and value of volunteerism and management by more inspiring advertising! The perpetual optimist in me says that they will one day through our own educating and our own inspiring story telling.

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