Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big news for Volunteering Sector in Australia!

From Voluntering Australias Website

Volunteering Australia Board Communique - May 2012
Staff changes at Volunteering Australia.
The Board of Volunteering Australia met in Melbourne last week to plan the transition arrangements following the recent decision to re-locate the administrative headquarters for the organisation from Melbourne to Canberra, ACT.
The transition to Canberra will allow to VA to work more closely with the Australian Government as we jointly introduce initiatives to support the recently released National Volunteering Strategy. The strategy has re-affirmed the importance of having a strong national body to represent the interests of volunteers and volunteer involving organisations at a time of significant change in the sector.
The transition will commence with the closure of the Melbourne office on Friday 29th June. Unfortunately this also means that all current staff and volunteers of Volunteering Australia will be leaving the organisation at the end of June. The commitment of this group of individuals will be missed at VA and it is with regret that I advise of their departure. The board would like to formally acknowledge the contribution of Cary and his team to the advancement of volunteering issues and volunteering infrastructure with some team members having over 10 years experience.
Volunteering Australia has received and accepted an offer of accommodation on very generous terms from one of our Foundation Members in Volunteering ACT and we will commence transition to these new premises during July and August. For this we thank Volunteering ACT. Recruitment of a new Executive Officer and administrative staff in Canberra will commence within the next month with a view to being fully operational by the end of August.
VA is continuing discussions with its Foundation Members to ensure continuity of services during the transitional period.
This move comes at a time when Volunteering Australia is undertaking a major review of its governance and institutional arrangements to ensure that it can best represent the volunteering sector in the decades to come. The move will enable Volunteering Australia to establish closer connections with key stakeholders within government.
VA will also have some exciting new initiatives to announce over the next 4/6 weeks so keep an eye on the website.

Paul Lynch

Volunteering Australia
May 2012


  1. I applaud Volunteering Australia’s (VA) initiative to work more closely with the Australian Government and I am encouraged that VA is evolving by reviewing its governance and how it can best represent the volunteering sector.

    It is hoped that as VA moves forward that it actively acknowledges, supports and represents all volunteers and the people who manage and coordinate them.

  2. DJ, no commentary from you on this?! Did you see my blog on the move?

  3. Thanks Martin for your reply and I did read and enjoy your blog on this. I have in fact given much commentary over the years on VA. I have challenged them on the Ozvpm forum on their inaction over International Volunteer Management Day drawing a response from their Marketing manager! I have frequently engaged with them on Facebook again questioning some decisions and I have blogged about them on several occasions over the last few years.
    Right now I have declined to commentate as personally I hope, as you do, for a new and bright future for Volunteering Australia.
    But seeing that you ask; my wishes are quite simple:
    • That the new CEO and staff at VA reach out to all stakeholders in the volunteering sector
    • That VA embraces IVMD
    • That VA goes out of their way ( and not the other way around) to connect with and develop a strong relationships with AAMOV
    • That VA joins the narrative on volunteerism and reads and responds to blogs, Volunteer Management forums, participates at the Retreat for Volunteer Management, opens a forum for dialogue for debate and conversation on social media and gives time and space to diverse views on the sector.
    • That we all forge a new relationship that is forward thinking, cordial, cooperative, of mutual benefit and one that, at the end of the day, advances and promotes the movement that is volunteerism!
    One hopes that these views can find their way to the board of Volunteering Australia and that a response is forthcoming!


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