Volunteer Recognition

Sometimes,people in Volunteer Management talk about the essential three Rs


I’ve spoken about Recruitment on this blog and now I’d like to share my view on Recognition.

I once asked a colleague how they recognised their volunteers. Their response was – “usually by their uniforms and they wear a badge”

Humour is important in our field.

I digress!

The formal recognition is important. The service medals, the ceremonies during volunteer week, the lunches and the certificates.

But to me the best forms of recognition of volunteer effort are:
• Meaningful tasks!

• Preparation – well designed tasks!

• Structure – ‘I know what to do, how to do it and where!”

• Time that is never…I repeat..Never wasted!

• The organisation talks about their volunteers in social media, internal and staff newsletters, on their website and are proud to promote their volunteer teams at every opportunity!

When organisations truly value volunteering effort it shows and the volunteer knows! This is the best recognition!


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