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The Add on Volunteer Manager and Mary from Finance

I recently came across a person who spoke of volunteer management being added to their existing role. They spoke of the difficulty they were encountering having discovered how busy a role volunteer management can be. They were already in a part time role and felt that they needed more hours now to properly give time to volunteers.

I don’t doubt it can be done and I am sure there are examples where people hold another title and coordinating volunteers has been added to their roles and it works fine! But I have met too many who are struggling with the add on. It may be that their current role is too busy as it is.
In some talks that I have given to groups in the past I speak about a fictional character called “Mary from Finance.” Mary is a lovely lady. But Mary got to coordinate volunteers because she is so lovely. You can imagine the organisational discussion.

“Volunteers would be lovely for our organisation. “

“But who should we get to coordinate them?”

“What about Mary from Financ…

Make Art! Make Art! A tribute to the Volunteers in Arts

“Amazing that the human race has taken enough time out from thinking about food or sex to create the arts and sciences.”
Mason Cooley

“Fair play to those who dare to dream!” - Marketa Irglova

Tomorrow I am going to a second reading of a play that I have just been cast in. I am a member of a theatrical group in Redlands in Brisbane Australia. I return to the boards after a year and a half break. I am excited and nervous. I’ve been cast as Roy in the play Cosi. This play is known to many Aussies as it was made into a movie years ago. Google Cosi play or movie to learn more if you haven’t heard about it.
I’ve been acting since I was 12! In amateur theatre groups and also for a time full time! But mostly as a volunteer! Hollywood has yet to discover me but I have been recognised by my peers in amateur theater! I never give up hope of that Oscar award!

As I sat with my group recently reading the play it got me thinking about how volunteers in the arts contribute to society and how we …

SHARING: What’s on your mind in Volunteer Management?

Here’s something a little different for my blog. An invitation to you. What would you like me to write about?

This idea came to me one night after I wrote a blog on Volunteer Management networking. And it was reinforced to me when I looked at which blog was the most popular and read blog on my blog website. A lot of people began reading my entry on networking and an awful lot of people were reading my “thank you speech for volunteers”. In my professional career I consider myself to have been successful. I have a track record to prove this. I fell into volunteer management, learnt the ropes in basics and have been learning ever since. 15 years later I am still enjoying volunteer management thoroughly. And I think this is the key to ones success. If you can absolutely love you job after 15 years then you must be doing something right! I have always been a “sharer”.

If I’ve leant something along the way I have always been keen to share it with those within my field. I have always been …