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Having a Kit Kat

Dear reader of this blog

This blogger wont be blogging for the next couple of weeks. Will be back then with more views and news!

Ciao for now :-)

IAVE recognizes the importance of effective volunteer management

I've had some great responses to a recent blog I posted titled "Five emails and Volunteer Management".

Today I recieved this email

“Thanks for your complement on the 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference
at Singapore.

Indeed, IAVE recognizes the importance of effective volunteer
management and always had a tract for it in our conferences although
the name might not the same as you put it.

As I consider myself as a volunteer manager or administrator, I have
promoted the importance as much as possible. I also embraced the offer
to put a banner on IVMD in the IAVE website.

The 13th IAVE Asia-Pacific regional conference to be held at Changwon
Korea will also have it on the program. I wish many Australian
Volunteer Management Advocators participate in the conference and
renew the importance of it."

Kang-Hyun Lee, Ph.D.
World President of IAVE

Volunteer Coordinator and Parenthood

I got a little shock last night watching TV. And before you get alarmed no – it was nothing to do with an electrical fault! My little shock was to do with the content of a TV Program I accidently stumbled across. The show is called parenthood. Apparently I was watching season 2 episode 7. But I had never come across this show before. According to wikipedia Parenthood is an American dramedy television series based on the 1989 film of the same title.

My first shock was that one of the main characters in this is a Volunteer Coordinator on the show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone from this sector in any TV drama. Ever! So suddenly my half attempt at lazy channel surfing came to a halt as I sat up to see how this volunteer coordinator would be portrayed.

Thanks to the internet and here is a rundown of this chaps appearances in the show and what happened in thsi episode

Camille and Haddie show up for volunteer work, working in a soup kitchen. Camille introduces Haddie to …

Blog post on poster poses questions and possibilities

Martin J Cowling has posted an interesting comment on his blog. Just click on the title of this blog. Share your opinion.What does it mean? Interesting to see if Volunteering Australia responds.

The blog also gave me an idea. And its for International Volunteer Managers Day. What if there was a worlwide competition to design a poster that celebrates and promotes effective Volunteer Managaement.

What would that poster look like?

Five emails and Volunteer Management Action

I am going to conduct my own private Volunteer Management advocacy email campaign for the week. Lets see how powerful internet advocacy can be
Tonight I will send 5 emails and keep you updated on how I am going

1.To Pro Bono Australia
Here’s what they do according to their site

What we do...

"We publish news and information, both online and in print, about the community sector. We have a news media service, with our journalists providing extensive coverage focusing on issues which impact the community sector.

We also publish the Australian Directory of Not for Profit Organisations, a Guide to Giving which has assisted charities with fundraising and gathering support for over 20 years. On our website, Not for Profit organisations can advertise for employees or skilled volunteers, as well as find events and specialist community sector suppliers.
We encourage discussion on issues, and keep people informed through our regular email bulletins."

And here’s the email I sent them…

Week that was in Volunteer Management

I’m looking at doing a Sunday blog that casts an eye on matters of volunteer management during the week. The week that was, as it were, in volunteer management. Of course this will be a view from my eyes only, what I see or hear during the week. And indeed there may be those quiet weeks where there is no chatter and events.

Words and action

This week I stumbled across another blogger who posed the question” What if Words speak louder than Action?”

“I tend to live with the notion that the pen is mightier than the sword. Why else would military dictatorships control speech? They know that ideas can be infectious and lead people to take action.

In that regard, you could say that talk and actions are actually partners - two sides of the same coin. First people arrive at a consensus and then they take action based upon their communicated objectives.”

Thanks Crashcromwell. Well put.

Positive action

Claire Teal one of the project co-leaders of the Managers of Volunteers project in New Zeala…

Tick...tick...tick..tick...tick box in poll.Time running out!

To date 85% of respondents to my poll agree that there definitely should be a one day International Conference on Volunteer Management tagged to the IAVE conference. 15% say maybe and we should discuss it some more within the sector.

But we need to make our voice more influential and we can only do this is larger numbers.

This particular poll opened 5 days ago and 20 people have voted. That represents 5.9% of the total number of individual visitors to this site in that time.

So while visiting this site please have a say by voting in the poll on the right hand column or submitting a comment.

“I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability.”
Ron White