Monday, August 1, 2011

First Response to “The Great 10 Questions” – Martin J Cowling

A big thank you to Martin J Cowling CEO at People First Total Solutions for being the first to respond to my “great 10 questions” in Volunteer Management.

Martin is a Leading Consultant on People issues in the Community and Non Profit Sectors. Blogger, consultant, trainer and world traveler Martin has a passion for people, volunteerism and Volunteer Management.

1.In 20 words or less describe/define Volunteer Management

Volunteer management is the process of engaging members of the community in achieving a common mission.

2.What are the 3 main differences between Volunteer Management and Human Resource Management?

Volunteer Management needs to incorporate good HR practices along with community development and what I call an entrepreneurial view of the world. The error in imposing a solely HR model on volunteer management is that the fundamental relationship between employees and employer is legally, morally and socially different to that of a volunteer and an agency. However failing to see volunteers as part of your HR is also a grave error.

3.Where is the current leadership evident in Volunteer Management?

Globally or in Australia? Globally: NZ and Canada. In Australia..Volunteering Queensland, CFA Victoria.

4.Finish this sentence in less than 50 words… An association in volunteer management should…

support their members, advocate for their members, not try to do too much and not duplicate

5.There have been many debates on the definition of volunteering itself. How would you define volunteering?

A member of the community giving their time on an unpaid basis to further a community mission

6.If you weren’t doing this what other profession would you have been interested in?

space commander- serious, teacher,

7.Who do you believe has been the most inspiring volunteer in history?


8.Where do you think social media can take volunteerism and volunteer management?

I do training on this!

9.Does Government get volunteering? If not why not?

Some elements do but most governments see volunteering in motherhood and or economic savings terms

10. What would you like to achieve personally in the volunteerism world?

Make a difference in the lives of others


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