Volunteer Management - The Great 10 Questions

Over the next few months I plan on doing my own questionnaire on volunteerism and the Volunteer Management sector. I plan on asking people 10 questions.

The reasoning behind this is to encourage a narrative on volunteerism and the sector of Volunteer Management.

I have already sent emails to some leaders in volunteerism around the globe

It’s time we talked!

And I will publish all answers here.

These are not questions meant for only the ”leaders” in our field or the field of volunteering but for anyone interested in volunteerism.

Let’s talk

10 questions on Volunteerism

1.In 20 words or less describe/define Volunteer Management

2.What are the 3 main differences between Volunteer Management and Human Resource Management?

3.Where is the current leadership evident in Volunteer Management?

4.Finish this sentence in less than 50 words… An association in Volunteer Management should…

5.There have been many debates on the definition of volunteering itself. How would you define volunteering?

6.If you weren’t doing this what other profession would you have been interested in?

7.Who do you believe has been the most inspiring volunteer in history?

8.Where do you think social media can take volunteerism and Volunteer Management?

9.Does Government get volunteering? If not why not?

10.What would you like to achieve personally in the volunteerism world?

Post your answers as a reply here or email me on acim4me@live.com


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