Thursday, July 14, 2011

Any ideas for this IYV+10 global project?

Recently I received an interesting email from Anna Belousova who is an UNV Programme Officer with a United Nations Development Programme. I am very impressed with what she is trying to achieve and would like to share her story here in the hope that some reader might be able to assist. Please email Anna with any ideas and share here if you like.

"My name is Anna Belousova and I am contacting you for I ran into your blog while googling for any resources on children education on volunteering.

Here in Tajikistan we've got an interesting initiative going on by the virtually established Facebook group Beautiful Tajikistan, where very active and young citiznes organise some real-time volunteer events.

Recently they picked up on the idea of collecting drawing for the IYV+10 global project "Illustrating volunteerism by and for children". They would like to contribute to the latter by organising a one-day drawing contest for local children in the framework of educational event on what's volunteering and how everyone can contribute.

Considering the age of the children 4-11 years, we are now looking for any possible training modules, manual publised or even just a games aimed at introducing the concept to children.

Do you think you could share with me the experience you might have on this? Have you ever organised educational events of this kind for children yourself? Or, perhaps, could refer me to someone who did?

Thanks ahead of time for your consideration,"

Anna Belousova (Ms.)

UNV Programme Officer

United Nations Development Programme

39, Aini Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734024


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  1. Thanks Anna. If anyone has any ideas please share here too!


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