Valentines and Volunteers

Came across an interesting article with an interesting perspective on the website for the Association of Volunteer management (AVM ) in the UK. Written by N Shaw (sorry..not sure what the N is for ) it got me thinking about Volunteers week and other occasions that are utilised to thank volunteers.

The link is in the title of this blog. AVM has got some good articles and blogs on Volunteer Management and volunteerism and is well worth a look.


  1. A very thought provoking article. I agree with the sentiment of the author. I do not subscribe to the concept of a designated day to celebrate occassions such as valentines day or mothers day. I dislike the commercialisation and I believe that people should be appreciated all of the time not just when retailers or whoever else decree that it is an appropriate or opportunistic time to warrant a celebration.

    Volunteers generously donate their time, a precious and valuable commodity. Appreciation of this gift should be a spontaneous, heartfelt and genuine thank you whenever a volunteer gives their time, not just one day or one week in the year.


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