Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Quick Bites

Who bites for Volunteer Management?

Should professional associations for Volunteer Management become more political and vocal about all matters volunteerism? If they adapt the philosophy of only dealing with matters pertaining to Volunteer Management specifically do they risk lessening their impact on decisions and dialogue on volunteerism? Volunteer Management is only one spoke in the wheel of volunteer management. Our associations should be having a say on everything happening within the volunteerism sector. Adopt a position people…please..really..Any type of position will do for now. It beats silence. And don’t tell me it’s not your brief because then I don’t know what brief you have.


Anybody at the most recent retreat for advanced volunteer management want to give us a review?

Please email me.

A Seinfeld moment in Volunteer Management

Where is the conference for Volunteer Management in Australia? It doesn’t exist at the moment. Ive thought of a title and slogan:

VPM Festivus – the affordable conference for the rest of us!


From the Korea Herald

An Asia-Pacific conference is seeking speakers to pass on their volunteering experiences and knowledge. The 13th International Association for Volunteer Effort Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference (Korea) is to be held in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam Province.

The conference titled “Volunteer Initiatives for a Sustainable Global Community: Climate Changes, Poverty, Conflict, and Natural Disasters” will run from Oct. 28-31.

The English-language event is to host discussions on how volunteering can help address problems brought to the Asia-Pacific region by pollution and natural disasters.

Organizers are looking for people to talk on issues falling within four broad categories including volunteering and in relation to climate change, poverty, conflict and natural disasters. There will also be opportunities to present on corporate volunteering, volunteer management, volunteer centers, and the definition of volunteerism.

Applications to make presentations opened on May 12 and will close on June 31. Go to www.iave.org for more information.

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  1. You should not have to ask the question re MVs getting political: the business of being a professional is also political - you cannot be one without the other.


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