Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Response to "A bit rich for Volunteer Managers"

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There are still problems as some readers of this blog are unable to post. As previously mentioned, please email me fi you would like to post a comment and are unable to do so on this site. Hopefully the issue will be rectified soon.

In the meantime I recieved this reply from Andy Fryar of OZVPM

"Thanks for raising this issue DJ.

I'm one of those who would certainly take up exhibit space if it was available, and have no qualms with stating up front that as a small business this would be a great place for me to advertise commercially.

My big beef with VA choosing not to have exhibit space however is far broader than me simply not being able to promote the prodcuts I have to sell

I actually believe that a conference should be about more than keynote addresses and workshops - and should instead be a space where the entire volunteer sector can share new initiatives, products, ideas and publications. I actually see this as a responsibility of a peak body to allow this type of dialogue to occur.

I just returned from the MAVA conference in minnesota and their exhibit space went even further and included local craft and jewellery to be sold. needless to say, the exhibit area was always a lively place for people to meet, explore and network between session.

I do hope this may be rectified in the future"

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