Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Yesterday I joined Twitter. I am not sure why...or indeed why now. I’ll be honest with you. I was once one of those people who said “I am never joining Facebook” not to mind anything else.

I’ve been a bit behind the times in regards to Social Media and Internet technology. I only started blogging 14 months ago. At first I was very hesitant to blog. I wasn’t sure how you did stuff. But I am so glad I did. It’s introduced me to so many new people across the globe. I thought my blog would be my little way of sharing some personal opinions on volunteerism and volunteer management. My aim has, from the get go, to find a vehicle to express my views. if you told me that I would have a few thousand page views after 14 months I would have been astonished. The reality of close to 31,000 as I write this is simply staggering.

I’ve been on Twitter less than 24 hours and I am already discovering new people in the volunteerism world and existing folk who are sharing views news and much more.

I don’t know what’s next for Twitter and I? But I would encourage all fromour sector to utilise Social media more. To follow what is happening. To stand up and have a say. To shape our future.

We simply need to keep up if we are to have a true say. Please feel welcome to follow me on Twitter. And if this encourages you to join for the first time – I look forward to meeting you there.

Now…what else can I discover???



  1. And WOW look at you now!!! Congratulations DJ on your near 31,000 pageviews on your blog. I guess when you started you had no idea where this would take you. With Tweet or Twitter you will only expand your audience even further. Good on you for taking that next step into cyber technology.

    OK so I did notice that you were on Twitter and of course thought that it was a good idea and just had to copy. Only thing is I am getting confused between the icons of follow me on twitter and tweet. Not sure which does what and I think I inadvertantly tweeted cyberspace to visit your blog but I'm sure you wouldn't mind the additional traffic. I tried to follow Martin J Cowling on Twitter but ended up following some Twitters that he is following. I'll have to find a teenagere to translate this for me. Where are you James?

  2. Thanks Wendy. I think Martin J Cowling or Jayne Cravens need to do further workshops on using social media for the VM sector.

  3. Love to do a social media workshop in Brisbane...

    DJ are you following me? Did you sort yourself out Wendy?...

  4. I did sort it out Martin. Thank you for your concern. It is a steep learning curve but very exciting stuff when you can see it working.

    I think that I need to go to the next social media workshop. It would be really helpful now that I have had a chance to dabble in some of the social medias.


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