Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Thank you speech to volunteers without mention of the words “thank you!”

Giving time is a precious thing. What you do matters. There is nothing that you do that is meaningless. Words like “you are so lovely” may be true in some cases but your contribution is far more than this. Words such as “what you do is so nice” while on some level ringing true does today not truly capture the essence of what volunteering is all about.

Applying to you are words such as skilled, dynamic, innovative, diverse, inspiring, contributing, making a difference, important, leading and part of the team.

Add appreciated, valued and respected. And knowing the difference between any lip service during National Volunteer week and true appreciation demonstrated in a myriad of ways throughout the year.

Knowing why you are here. Understanding your motivation. Embracing whatever motivation brings you here from altruism to seeking experience or seeking to gain something for yourself.

Matching your skills and personality to meaningful tasks. Inviting and welcoming your feedback and suggestions. And listening.

And telling your story.

And being proud of your efforts.

Because volunteering is a great story, a powerful movement as well as an invigorating energy for our globe and you are part of that.

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