Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will Volunter Management embrace "No Recognition Day?"

Here’s an article from Volunteerism Gazette that I thought you would find fascinating

Will Volunter Management embrace "No Recognition Day?"

By Don J Volau

The United Nations has just declared April 1st “No Recognition for Profession Day”
A spokesperson for the UN, Noah Valu explained the day

“Since the early days of the United Nations system, the UN has established a set of Days and Weeks to help focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment. The UN has called on Member States and other organizations to mark these days in ways which reflect their priorities.

However “No Recognition Day” aims to serve the causes that have been left behind.

“So for example I think that this day will bring comfort to many groups around the world such as community workers, carers and Volunteer managers."

When urged to explain further by your befuddled correspondent Noah Valu explained

‘There is an inequality in this world. While we acknowledge that the doctors in the world save lives and the researchers create conditions to improve lives and the business people create jobs and the smart just darn helps us all…we have forgotten the people who really matter… the volunteers who change our world each day..The carers who care…the social workers and counselors and community workers who maintain and build the fabric of society.
The world is topsy turvey now but it will change. The leaders of people in social justice and volunteering will one day be the professions that many will aspire to and compete for.
“No Recognition Day” though sounding negative will garner attention for our cause and will be successful one day and thus disappear.”

Don J Volau
April 1st

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