Thursday, March 3, 2011

A show to check out - and get back to me on

I received an email from ABC America today and although this show is currently aimed at an American audience I am happy to share info here as according to my stats most readers hail from the US.

I do not endorse this show however as I have never seen it and have asked for copies to be emailed to me. More comment then…but in the meantime…check it out for yourself on US TV

“My name is Christina Megerian, from ABC Entertainment Marketing. I’m writing to share with you, your friends and colleagues exciting news about a new uplifting series airing on ABC called Secret Millionaire.

Premiering Sunday, March 6th at 8|7c on ABC, Secret Millionaire will chronicle highly-successful millionaires who are given the opportunity to put aside their relative luxury to experience the day-to-day struggles of people who are comparatively underprivileged. Along the way of their journey, the millionaires learn it is not about just giving money, but also giving their energy, their attention, and their time – generous qualities that the underprivileged they meet in each episode already have in abundance. The message of the show is a valuable life lesson we can never revisit enough, and one that is just as relevant to each of us, no matter how much or how little money we have.

We at ABC are incredibly proud of this compelling new series, and hope that as the editor of a blog that is closely aligned with its powerful message, you’ll want to share it with your readers as well.

Christina Megerian

ABC Entertainment Marketing
2300 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506


  1. Hi DJ,

    We've had that show in the UK (on Channel 4) for quite a while now. I guess this ABC show is a US version.

  2. Thanks Rob.

    what was the UK show like?


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