School Volunteering: Stop me before I volunteer again! ! !

Being passionate about volunteerism in general as well as volunteer management I am constantly looking for interesting views and analysis on the movement or sector or field or whatever we like to call it. School volunteering is now a little more interesting to me as my own life path enters into the school realm!

So you can imagine why an article that begins with the words "Stop me before I volunteer again..." So reads a magnet on my fridge that sits exactly at my eye level.” Grabs my attention"!

School volunteering.

Now there’s a loaded topic for many future blogs. I would love to hear of your experiences in school volunteering. I feel there is not enough written on the topic? Or if I am missing some research or literature on the topic please alert me.

It also leads me to ask – when you volunteer …are you looking at the situation with your volunteer management hat on???

Do we have increased expectations when we volunteer ourselves????

By the way...the article I mention is linked through the heading of this blog. Well worth a read and the responses are too.


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