Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Volunteer Coordinator and Parenthood

I got a little shock last night watching TV. And before you get alarmed no – it was nothing to do with an electrical fault! My little shock was to do with the content of a TV Program I accidently stumbled across. The show is called parenthood. Apparently I was watching season 2 episode 7. But I had never come across this show before. According to wikipedia Parenthood is an American dramedy television series based on the 1989 film of the same title.

My first shock was that one of the main characters in this is a Volunteer Coordinator on the show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone from this sector in any TV drama. Ever! So suddenly my half attempt at lazy channel surfing came to a halt as I sat up to see how this volunteer coordinator would be portrayed.

Thanks to the internet and here is a rundown of this chaps appearances in the show and what happened in thsi episode

Camille and Haddie show up for volunteer work, working in a soup kitchen. Camille introduces Haddie to the volunteer coordinator for community services, Alex. She greets him warmly, but he rather brusquely
tells her to bring her papers next time, and he'll sign for her hours.

Yikes – not the best start here Alex!

Haddie takes out the garbage at the soup kitchen. The bag breaks as she is trying to hoist it into the dumpster, and she is completely revolted by what all falls out down. When she's cleaning up, Alex tells her that poverty is not contagious. She fills him in on what happened with the garbage bags. He tells her to try double-bagging next time. She's starting to pick up on his rude attitude towards her.


…..She thanks him, and tells them about Alex, and how he's treating her like some idiot teenybopper with a bleeding heart and even if she is? It's rude. Adam tells her to call him on it, but Kristina tells her to punch him in the groin. Make it count.

Oh dear!

Haddie finally calls Alex on his attitude. They go back and forth a bit about the turnover, and how people just use this place because it looks good on their college apps; but they're never there more than a week, maybe two. She tries to give him grief about him not exactly being selfless either; this is a career path for him as well, yes? He chose to
work there because his family used to get their food there. This place saved his life. She's embarrassed, and goes to fix the mixer. There's still a bit of tension and animosity there, but they seem to have a little better impression of each other.

Well thank goodness for that.

So there you go. An …er…interesting portrayal of a Volunteer Coordinator. I suspect there is an underlying tension here.

Anyway, I think it’s a first. Having a volunteer coordinator character on a major TV show. Let me know if I am incorrect on that. And it’s about time certain TV Hospital Dramas introduced a Volunteer manager. I am available of course. George Clooney won’t know what hit him.

In the meantime I’ll keep my eye on Parenthood.

For Aussie readers Parenthood is on Seven on Tuesday evenings. Check local guide for time.

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  1. It's a start DJ You'll have to interest a local filmaker to do a short film with the lead being a VM add some drama, you already have a script with the humour one encounters. Come to think of it it's actually a very good idea for a miniseries as there would be great variety from week to week with new volunteers (characters) coming in. And yes set in a hospital, there's the drama. Excellent storyline. I'm serious.


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