Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanks Mammy

Well here’s something that you wouldn’t expect on my blog. And it’s something that I thought about briefly and knew immediately that I must do.

My mother just got online before Christmas. This wonderful woman who raised eight kids in tough times learnt all about computers from scratch. Because there never was a computer in our household. I have been away from Ireland for 15 years and have only returned twice. Once due to sad circumstances. Here’s to you Esther. I miss you.

So I wanted to indulge in some personal stuff here dear reader. And I know that you will allow me this one brief post to escape from the volunteer management theme.

Because I would not be where I am today without the support, guidance and love from the best mammy I know.

In Ireland we call our mums “mammy”.

My mammy let me know recently how proud she was of this blog and what I do.

This is my simple way of reaching across the thousands of miles publically and giving my mammy a big hug and saying thank you…for being my mammy

Sentimental and mushy? Shucks yea! For Mammy !


  1. Whether we are a young child or an adult child, the impact of the words "I'm proud of you and proud of all that you do" is profound.

    We can receive praise from peers and friends but heartfelt words spoken by our parents have an everlasting effect on our lives.

    Your mum is justly proud of you DJ and from your post, you are also obviously very proud of your mammy.

    Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts which brought back fond memories of my own mum and the precious moments that I spent with her.

    "Mothers hold our hands for awhile but our hearts forever".


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