Friday, January 21, 2011

Jaynes Fight Club meets DJs Fright Club

Here My reply to the latest blog from the Jayne Cravens

To see what got me going you have to check out this blog. Just click on the title of this blog here and you are there. Best to read Jaynes blog first.

Oh Jayne!! So Right so right.

I think I’ve been in the Fight club for awhile now. It would be nice to emerge from the underground. I’ve been saying this type of thing for years. Damn it, I’ve been fighting for volunteers within several organisations for years. With great results. I’ve been fighting for our teams to be seen by senior management and they are seen. I am beginning to fight for my time. Budget, resources, salary? Tick. Tick. Tick.
But my experience of the fight club has led me to discover another club. The Fright Club. You may have encountered it Jayne. Some within my own sector who deem me a trouble maker or full of hot air or “having an agenda”. Like hello? I do have an agenda…and it is set out in your fight club manifesto.

The Fright club consists of those within the volunteering sector afraid to embrace change because they are challenged by it. Change may mean scrutiny after all.

You state “Fundraising managers, donor relations managers and even the HR manager are all making more than you.” And you can be pretty sure they all have Key Performance indicators to ensure a consistent performance level that demonstrate a valuable and viable Return on Investment. Not for them to be meek and fly under the radar with their niceness and quietness.

“Oh but we are volunteer managers – we don’t talk that kinda talk”.

Professional and effective volunteer management is absolutely necessary Jayne. It is time to join the volunteer management Fight Club but it’s also time to take on the Fright Club!

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  1. A brilliant article of Jaynes and a great response DJ. I am sick of the tired old rhetoric of the fright club. There seems to be an underlying sense of guilt in fighting for our profession, our teams, our volunteers, our time, our resources. It's time for change. The gloves are off. I'm in!!!


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