Sunday, January 9, 2011

How is Volunteer Management valued in your nation?

For me it’s simple. Volunteer Management is valued when VMs are given the resources to manage and coordinate volunteer programs. VMs are recognized for their skills by being paid the wages professional managers deserve. VMs are recognised when the community, government, volunteer peak bodies and the private sector see the VM sector as real and professional. And they demonstrate this by consulting with the VM sector on matters of policy and on major decisions that will effect volunteering.

Here’s a question to ponder. What are the signs to watch for that demonstrate to you that Volunteer Management is beginning to be respected in your nation? How can you answer the following?

Do you have a strong professional association? Is it influential? Does it help shape national policy? Does it advocate on behalf of you? Does it have a voice that is heard by Government and is therefore frequently consulted? Is it in the public eye? Is it visual? Is it constantly commenting on all matters volunteerism, via regular updates on its websites, through forums, social networks as well as local and national media? Does it make a difference?

How many ticks can you apply in your country?

What about you peak body for volunteering national or local? Does it have a good relationship with the VM sector? What’s good? Does it consult with your professional body? Does it raise awareness about the VM sector? How? Does it raise the profile of Volunteer management as a profession? When was the last time your national or local peak body invited you and some VM colleagues of yours into their place to have a chat about volunteering and volunteer management and I am not talking about conference here.

What sparked these thoughts was a great post to the i-volunteer website. The link to that website can be found on the right hand side of the page. Under the title “Value Volunteer Management Campaign – Time to Celebrate Success!” Volunteer England gives a progress report on this fantastic campaign.

It’s a great article which also includes very valuable resources for Volunteer Managers no matter where you are.

Have a read, comment and congratulate Volunteering England! Then have a look for signs that Volunteer Management is beginning to be respected in your nation.

If you don’t see them speak out.

I am!


  1. In answer to all of the above questions about our own peak bodies - it is a resounding NO!!! Well not that I've heard anyway.

    When I went to I-Volunteer and read the article I was extremely impressed with Volunteering England's ability to support and promote volunteer management and show ongoing commitment by providing information to volunteer management via volunteer management portals. Volunteering England's commitment to volunteer management is even more impressive considering their current economic crisis.

    My hope is that volunteer management peak bodies in other countries follow Volunteering England's lead and get the amazing results that they have achieved.

  2. Be the change Wendy!Thanks for your post !


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