Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reaction to the Accidental Volunteer Manager

I’ve been blown away by the reaction to this little piece today. The site hasn’t had so many visitors in one day since I started this humble blog in March this year. Thanks everyone for their comments and ticks here but I’ve also received a number of emails off this site asking when the next installment will be produced?

Well, I originally wrote this piece as a way of expressing things through a humorous medium. Obviously in a very very short time it is striking a chord. Why is that? I think that could be a topic for a blog on its own. Maybe we all need a bit of a laugh. Maybe we all need to lighten up a little. Maybe we identify with what is going on here. A laugh maybe but in some ways sadly true! Or not sadly but frustratingly true!

Perhaps I won’t psychoanalyze it too much!

I am hoping that excerpts from the “Accidental Volunteer Manager” will be published twice a week. That is a hope not a promise as one will need the humour gene to be active. But I will try.

How long will it last. A one act play? And entire epic? Well. That could be up to you.

But watch out for part two of “The Accidental Volunteer Manager” this week and thank you for sharing the humor. :-)

“If you remain calm and keep your heads while those all around you are losing theirs – then you obviously don’t understand the situation”

1 comment:

  1. I am not sure where this is going to end up but you are on a roll with this one DJ so keep it going. Eagerly waiting you next installment.


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