Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you speeches for Volunteers

I was a little surprised to see that my thank you speech to volunteers is the second most read post here on this site that mainly is concerned with advocating for the Volunteer Management sector. And I’ve discovered that a lot of people found this site by googling “thank you speech for volunteers”
Wouldn’t it be interested to know who is looking for such speeches

CEOs of organisations?


Volunteer Managers?

It’s also lead me to discover that there is a market out there for speeches and some websites charge for speeches including one I found selling thank you volunteer speeches! Wow!

So this leads me to thinking that maybe I should put some more thank you speeches on this blog. If CEOs and politicians are accessing them then we can have a hidden motive. We can speak better of volunteerism. We can talk of the true dynamic value of volunteerism. We can move them away from speeches such as this:

“As your member of parliament, Senator, minister etc I am so happy to be here today amongst you lovely people. Every time I think of volunteers I get a warm glow in my heart. When I think of you I think of warmth and comfort and nice cups of soothing tea with warm scones and jam. Without vollies, society would fall to pieces because you are the givers. Without you there would only be takers. And with a world full of takers then there would be nothing left to give would there? You are lovely. And you are also nice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so nice. Now I look forward to having tea and scones with you and patting you on the head. You so deserve it. Go you good givers you!”

Sure – a bit exaggerated for effect but you get my drift.

So if you want to post your own thank you speech please do so on this blog. And let’s share!

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