Volunteer Management: Views that do my blood pressure no good!


Funny the things you come across on the net! I like to spend a bit of time searching for happenings to do with volunteer management and views and opinions and news on same.

There are some great gems I recently came across from different blogs and websites.

So here are my current top three blood pressure risers!

Number 3

“Please make the effort to make your job more fun too. There will always be parts of your job you don't like -- delegate some of it to a volunteer (who might enjoy it!)”

Number 2

“Volunteer supervisors who are inexperienced at managing others would likely benefit from reading books or articles on the art of supervision or attending an in-service training on supervision basics.”

And my current Number 1

“If you really wanna go for the management track, start by leading a volunteer community first. It’s the easiest management there is. If you like that and if you succeed – if people rally around you and your group accomplishes tough challenges – then you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding at tougher kinds of management, like leading employees.”

How’s your blood pressure? :-)


  1. Oh DJ I did get a laugh, they are just great aren't they??

    Your number 1 - as a volunteer yeah sure it is easy to take 60 kids and 30 adults away for a week & get the group to 'rally around'. I didn't need any management experience or skills.

    It is really sad to see such uneducated comments. As I said many a time, I have been managing people for over 15 years, this is my first volunteer role & am I have made no changes to alter my style from the corporate sector where I managed large teams in finance, communication, developers and manufacturing.


  2. Thank you Heather for your response! Funny and sad at the same time eh?

    I think your own life experience is a perfect example how real and serious a Volunteer Management role is. Thank you for sharing that!


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