Sunday, September 12, 2010

More do-y and less hui in Volunteer Management

I’ve had some great responses to my blogging so far. But Claire Teal has really struck a chord with me in her reply. Here is some of that:

“However, I would love to be part of a more solid global network that drives our movement forward. You think we should have one, I think we should have one, and surely we're not alone here - my challenge back to you is, let's do it. As we say in NZ, more do-y and less hui. I look forward to hearing back from you with some next steps...”

And therefore I am making my reply to Claire a post on its own!

"Claire I so want to encourage those who row the same canoe as us and I often have. I am in the same canoe as you! I want to encourage others to join us in that canoe. I want to let them know that together we can overcome the rapids. But there are others in the canoe who are not doing any of the rowing but still want to be in the canoe. I want to encourage them to pick up the oars.

I don’t think that NZ is walking. I think you have all started an exciting jog. I have never heard of more do-y and less hui. I love it! I love a challenge Claire.

With your pretty exciting semi-global network of contacts, supports and co-conspirators and my semi-global network of contacts, supports and co-conspirators we can make a start here. Here’s a first step. My email is
If anyone else reading this wants to join us to develop a truly professional global think and action tank on the management of volunteers and advancement of our sector then let’s bounce ideas off each other.

“a more solid global network that drives our movement forward” Yes yes yes!

Thanks Claire – you have me inspired!”

I know there have been some attempts at a global forum. I have suggested it many times. Actually some have come back to me and warned that it would be just a global talkfest and nothing more. Meh…maybe…I haven’t been part of it yet. Let’s get a few likeminded souls across the globe together and see what happens. Ok..there may be those who have tried this approach before and look upon this suggestion with a little cynicism to say the least. I respect that viewpoint too.

I am talking about a group of people who are interested in the development of professional management of volunteers. I don’t think that should be limited to managers of volunteers. I believe we need leaders, wherever they may be and people who understand volunteerism and thus know that volunteer management is a key aspect of volunteerism. agree? -

I have met too many people in my time in this sector who have been lost to us. They have moved onto other sectors or they are quiet achievers within our own or they are experts in their own fields but have a passion for our own sector. The key to forming a successful think tank or whatever you may call it, on volunteer management is the realization that such a group needs to exist outside our echo chambers. Yes?

The people in this group must also be brave. With muscles for pushing boundaries.

Because it takes a leap of faith that go beyond our status quo, our way of thinking and our raison d’ĂȘtre.

The cynics will give me the 5 Ws
• What are you doing?
• What are you talking about?
• Who do you think you are?
• We’ve done that before!
• Wah wah wah wah!

Wanna be part of the new Global Dialogue on Volunteer Management?

Join us now!!!

You don’t have to be working in the field for years…as long as you have something to say about Leadership and change!

You don’t have to be part of our sector but are interested in lending your skills in leadership!

You believe in the importance of effective and professional volunteer management wherever you are!

Let’s start talking


  1. I'm in North America and I've been reading your blog here and there and appreciate your wit and passion. I too believe we need to elevate and promote volunteer management into the professional level it should be. Let me know if I can be of service in the USA. I'm working on getting my CVA and it's been a great process.

  2. Thanks for your blog. I am in the USA and I understand all the "s"es used in your English, but please know that "hui" is actually "hooey."

    Just couldn't resist pointing that out!
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Seattle, WA

  3. Thanks for reading John and for pointing this out. :-) I had never heard this term before. Is it American in origin?

  4. Actually, hui IS hui. It comes from Maori language where it means social or community gathering. It is widely used term in NZ contemporary culture where it also means a party, event... place where naturally people talk (a lot).


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