Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Response to this blogger from National Australia Bank!

A little while ago I wrote an open letter to National Australia Bank and posted it on this site. In it I commended nab and their commitment to volunteerism. Please see my earlier blog on the matter. I am delighted that nab have responded to my blog. I will follow up on their response with some suggestions on how they can support volunteer management and I will keep you informed.

Again, I have to commend nab for their commitment to volunteering and their willingness to also have a look at volunteer management!

Here is their response to my initial blog – would love your views from a volunteer managers perspective!

Dear Mr Cronin,

Firstly thanks for your feedback - following our recent survey done during National Volunteer Week we thought it was a good time to raise awareness of the need for volunteers, especially given numbers of people volunteering are on the decline. We are particularly championing the corporates' role in helping supply a pipeline of engaged, well briefed, suitable volunteers to those in the community who need them.

Thank you for including us on your blog - this is wonderful and we appreciate you helping us get our message out to as many people as possible about the important role volunteerism plays towards contributing to the economy.

We are well aware of the importance of the role of facilitating genuine and meaningful volunteering - see the results to the survey on question 4.1.12 (please refer the survey findings below) as this is being highlighted as one of the main reasons the NFP section don't engage/fully utilise volunteers as they should.

We are currently taking steps to support Volunteer Management through our partnership with Volunteering Australia and our support of the National Volunteer Conference in Melbourne in October this year. There is a dedicated session being run on Volunteer Management titled 'Eurkea! Volunteer Management essentials' - you should see if you can tap into this somehow.

We usually celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day by sending an email of thanks to all volunteer managers we deal with as part of our program recognising that without them we could not support their organisations with volunteers. We are going to have a look at the AAVA website and investigate what we can further do to celebrate this important day, thanks to bringing it to our attention.

We are currently working on developing our plan for next year on furthering our support to the great cause of volunteering.

Thanks for making contact and your interest in our program - we look forward to keeping you up to speed on our developments and would be keen to keep up to speed on yours via your blogging.


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