Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Nonexistent Volunteer Management Party releases policy!



Today the NEVM party leader Noah Rekonition launched his party’s campaign in waga waga. Here is an edited extract from his speech

“My fellow stralians, mums and dads, aussie battlers and hard working folk, the Nonexistent Volunteer Management Party is the party for you to vote for in this election. 5.4 million stralians volunteer. We dont know how many people are employed in the volunteer management field. We will say a half a million for the fun of it because no one is listening to this announcement anyway. And no press will take up this story for we are just the NEVM. We are such an unique party that you won’t even find us on the ballot paper. Just think of us though and you register a vote for us.
Moving forward we are fair dinkum. We are LIBERAL in our management, we manage voluntary LABOR! Our movement is NATIONAL! When we look at the resources, respect and recognition we see given to other management sectors we are GREEN with envy. The Volunteer management community is a family. We want to put our FAMILY FIRST!

LETS STAND UP FOR Volunteer management

LETS MOVE FORWARD WITH volunteer management


Who don’t understand volunteer management

Fair dinkum!”

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