Volunteer Management Viral?: Let's support a Volunter Manager

Here's a challenge. Can you help me? Can we make a simple YouTube video on an award for volunteer management go viral?? Tina? I don’t know her from Adam ok? But this simple YouTube entry inspired me. Here is a fab VM in action and also an award worth supporting!

I am using this You Tube as a trial. When I first checked it had 60 viewers.

It deserves 1,000s

So here is why I lay the challenge

Let’s test how much Volunteer Management is in tune with Social Media?
Let’s see if we have power in spreading a message?
Pass this on to every volunteer manager, coordinator, trainer etc you know
Let us show how much we know! And in the meantime let’s spread a good message in Volunteer management!

I issued this challenge last night and the site got 10 more hits. It hit 70

I want to see a thousand

This is a social experiment of mine

Tina or her organisation may not have a clue but Join me...

Her story is great

here is the YouTube link



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