Friday, July 30, 2010

This Volunteer Management Blog I believe will end when there is

• Recognition of volunteer management in the workplace
• An understanding of volunteer management in the community
• Consultation with volunteer management on volunteerism issues

I believe we as a sector are seriously falling down on all the above.

Inert activity when it comes to volunteer management abounds.

I encourage anyone from any organisation with a connection to volunteer management to engage in the dialogue of volunteer management here on this site.
True, it’s a humble little blog. But its 1,500 unique visitors since the end of March happen to come back for a peak!

I accept I am “rocking the boat” I accept being labeled a “trouble maker” by those who will not critique the progress of the Volunteer Management sector due to their own unique interests and I accept that the “niceness” of people in volunteer management is so holding back the sector.

Nevertheless I want to state that this is not a “box” I want to be placed in. I don’t fancy being pigeon holed either. Indeed I am looking forward to letting go of this blog and starting one on politics! LOL! Where’s the difference??

Again – what is my motivation? This blogs Raison d’ĂȘtre. I was once in the situation of being unrecognized, under resourced, and undervalued as a manager of volunteers. I put in strategies that overcame this. I now feel I am valued and respected where I work and I also have drawn the conclusion that respect for volunteer management equates to respect for the volunteer contribution within organisations.

Recognition of volunteer management = recognition of volunteers = recognition of volunteerism.

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  1. You are such a trouble maker DJ Cronin!!! Keep stirring the pot. You are not done yet. The world needs to be educated.


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