Monday, July 5, 2010

Introducing New Zealand's first blog on Management of Volunteers!

I am so happy to plug a new blog for volunteer management in New Zealand.

Go find it at

Sue Hine has contributed to this humble blog. And now Sue has started her own.

I do feel this is the way to go for Volunteer Managers in their contribution to the sector. Speaking with an independent voice! We need more VMs in More countries getting together speaking out on Volunteer management.

I will be watching Sue’s blog with interest and jumping in when I agree and disagree with her viewpoint!!!!

Sue is doing some great work for the sector in New Zealand. Her blog can only add value to our profession. For her drive and initiative Sue gets a VM Champion Award!!!!

More from the site

"It's all about engaging with people who work with volunteers, about supporting and encouraging their work, as well as dealing with the challenges.

Sue Hine is the author, a back-room person with long experience in volunteering which has taught her what is really important in managing volunteers.

She was Manager of Volunteer Services at Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington for 6 years until 2007. She is now co-leader of the Volunteering NZ group charged with promoting the recognition and professional development of managers of volunteers (see for reports and updates).

Among other things Sue is a tutor for New Zealand's on-line training programme for managers of volunteers via"

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