Monday, July 5, 2010

Are our National Associations For Volunteer Management advancing our profession?

Are they?

Are they speaking out on your behalf?

Are they visual?

Are they heard?

Are you a member?

If you are not a member is there a reason?

Do you believe they are doing what they should be doing?

What should they be doing?

please comment here

Please engage in a discussion on a very important matter.

Because Volunteer Management Matters....

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Are we being heard?


  1. I am a member of a couple of National Peak bodies. They have websites and they send newsletters but other than that they are fairly uninspiring and I don't see them commenting much in public forums. They do not seem to be out their promoting themselves or Volunteer Management. We need a huge change and some new thinking.

  2. I'm not a member of any local or national associations for volunteer managers here in the USA, because:
    -- they are not transparent enough for me regarding how they spend their money; having gone through the fiasco of AVA, I need to be shown by any organization claiming to represent volunteer management that that situation will NOT happen again
    -- they are focused on traditional, staid volunteer involvement, they don't embrace new paradigms in volunteer involvement that have proven to be effective and popular at thousands of organizations (from online volunteering to episodic volunteering to volunteers in leadership positions and on and on)
    -- they're excuses for not keeping their web site updated, and for not using RSS or blogs or Facebook or Twitter, are the same old same old: We don't have time, we have to have the board approve each message posted online, we're going to do that someday, etc.

    In short, they offer me very little. And here's the kicker: the likelihood of any representatives from USA local or national organizations for volunteer managers reading this comment on your blog post is oh-so-low. Because they certainly aren't using the myriad of online tools out there to find out where people are talking about them online so they can respond to such conversations!


  3. Hi Jayne,

    I'm a new board member of a local association for volunteer managers. I really appreciate your comments as they reinforce some of my own goals for what I can do as a board member.



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