Saturday, June 5, 2010

Volunteerism Gazette News Headlines: UFOs, Volunteer Management

By Don J Volau

June 5 2010

Strange spiraling lights were seen over Eastern Australia last night. The light trail was seen between 5.45am and 6am by people in Canberra, Sydney's north shore and Queensland.

Also yesterday, Volunteer Management was finally recognised with the Inclusion of Volunteer Management on the main themes of the upcoming National Conference and with AAVA putting in a submission and receiving funding from government and with the announcement of the first ever national conference for Volunteer Management.

When asked to comment on last night’s strange happenings Volunteer Manager DJ Cronin stated “Oh, I am very skeptical on such events – I simply don’t believe it to be true. One has to be rational I guess. People make up stories all the time”

When asked about the UFO sightings Mr. Cronin stated that one just had to have an open mind.

With thanks to CNN, NBC, ABC and Reuters

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  1. And there goes another flying pig!!!

    We do live in hope though.


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