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Volunteer Management qualify for last 8 of World Cup

Volunteerism Gazette

Don J Volau reports on a soccer tournament with a difference in the republic of Asaba

Asaba June 25

They come from 32 nations around the globe. Yet they play together and there may be Englishmen, French women and Dutch guys playing on the same team.

For this is the management world cup. 16 teams made up of managers from 16 different sectors gathered two weeks ago for the inaugural Management world cup. Its 8 a side soccer for this cup and teams are evenly split between male and female.

Like the real world cup this world cup has had a few shocks of its own.
Take for example the elimination of Marketing Managers in the first round. Try selling that disaster! They were beaten 4 – 0 by Funeral Directors. The local press ran with the headline “Deadly defeat for Marketing!”

Then there was the 8-0 thrashing of HR Management by Volunteer Management.

In a spiteful game that saw red cards on both sides the hero of the hour was the Volunteer Managers goalkeeper who saved 12 penalties. The result was all the more remarkable given that the Volunteer management team nearly didn’t make it on the starting list. Explained their manager, Noah Rekognition, “ our first attempt to enter the competition was rejected by the governing council who sent us a letter stating that they believed that no volunteer management sector existed!” After a few calls to people in high places the team was admitted.

Volunteer Management will now face Finance management in the quarter finals. “Finance will be a tough one for us but we are confident of pulling off another upset” said VM captain Bendere Dundat.

Watch this space!

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