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WORLD MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Volunteer Manager Takes Presidency

Volunteer Manager Takes Presidency

Volunteerism Gazette


Don J Volau

Samaku is an island west of North Arabia. Pop” 4 million, Samaku has gone unnoticed in world history generally due to its people’s penchant for peace. Samaku however should get some recognition from the volunteerism world as it has just elected a president whose full time job is volunteer manager.

According to its last census Samaku has 2 million volunteers. A figure large enough to inspire a volunteer manager to form his own political party 2 years ago. That risk yesterday paid off when Andy Cowling was inaugurated Samaku’s 4th President since the island state gained independence from Oldthink.

Speaking to Volunteerism Gazette after a lively ceremony that featured volunteers and volunteer managers, President Cowling said that Samaku could be a great example for the real power of volunteerism worldwide.
“I ran on the theme of “end the lip service” said the president elect who formed the “Volunteer party” just over 2 years ago. “I knew over half of the population were volunteers. I also sensed they felt the same as me when it came to how Government recognised their efforts.”

Andy Cowling campaigned on some innovative policies

• Free public transport for volunteers via the setting up of a volunteer registration site.
• Tax concessions for volunteers to offset petrol costs
• The setting up of the National University of Volunteer Management
• Funding for SAVL - The Samaku Association for Volunteer Leadership

Of course many other policies helped ensure that the Volunteer Party received 69% of last week’s vote decimating John Cameron’s Non Formative Party which ruled Samaku for the last 17 years.

In an historic inaugural speech beamed live to the nation from the Capitol, Ellis, the president Elect acknowledged the volunteers of Samaku:

“How many times have politicians stood before you acknowledging the movement that is volunteering? Many I surmise. But did they ever contemplate that the movement of volunteering may someday become political! Well, they should have because politics in many nations has often been driven by volunteers. Many nations were founded on the backs of volunteers.

Most freedom fighters were volunteers. And yes – there are those who will resist calling such people volunteers. But the truth is evident today that volunteering has taken a bold step in saying that it has the capacity to move wherever and whenever. Let not volunteerism be underestimated.

It does not choose to be an overtly political movement globally in the truest sense but by our example it can demonstrate that it can have a bite when people see through the false platitudes of any sector of our society. Today too, I honour those who lead volunteers, the men and women who have chosen careers that impact society.”

Don J Volau

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