Sunday, May 2, 2010

There is fun too?

I am immensely enjoying the blogging but reviewing what has been posted so far has given me pause for thought. Almost everything has been a reaction to something. That’s ok in itself. After all if that is the case or is how I see things in volunteer management then so be it. After all it is a personal blog. And it is a blog about volunteer management. I don’t see my comments as being negative. Rather I see my comments as challenging certain ways and beliefs. I have been in volunteer management for almost 14 years now. I would like to see myself still as a modern VM. Now there’s a blog story!! What is a modern VM???

I digress once again. Suffice to say but I intend bringing a little humor to the blog. I have yet to find online a joke about a volunteer manager. Let’s make some up. But some of my lighter moments will be true moments.
Let’s laugh a little too. We need to. Because I’ve seen the fact that as the traditional paradigm of volunteering is challenged the traditionalists get louder, more serious and more fun less. Let’s keep the humor folks.

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