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Volunteerism Gazette

By DON J Volau

28 MAY 2010

How many volunteer managers does it take to change a light bulb?

This was a question posed by controversial djcronin.blogsite earlier this month. All witty answers were posted to the site that the New York Times has labeled “Grotesque, bizarre and unprecedented”

In an online poll 8,000 people from across the globe voted for their favorite joke (What’s with the slight exaggeration Don? – Ed). In all 7 people put their joke out there to be judged . Someone called Stephen just missed the cut off. A controversial move as we will never really know what might have been...

The person named Rox though was the clear winner with 2,000 votes. The nearest rival was everyone else on 1,000 votes.

In a major shock to the system Susan J Ellis and DJ Cronin only received 1,000 votes each. When asked why someone who has written books on volunteer management, travelled the globe talking on volunteerisms and is seen as a respected figure on all matters volunteering only garnished 1,000 votes, DJ Cronin retorted “ Hey – lay off me Don! I am not a comedian!”

Volunteerism Gazette was unable to contact Rox and our calls were not returned. It is believed that Rox has signed a deal to chat with Larry King on CNN and Bill O Reilly on Fox News. It is also reported that Rox is now working on a book of Volunteer Management Jokes.

And the winning answer?

"Only one but it could take a while because they have to write a job description, recruit for the position, interview, process a police check and send them to an OHS training session. However if they do all these steps well the volunteer will stick around to change all the rest!!"

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  1. Nice! Hits the nail on the head - especially after just taking the CVA exam! :)

  2. Here is another question that could be put forward. "How many wines did Don J drink before posting this blog."

  3. Thanks DJ, I am honoured but the thanks has to go to my daughter and mum who I asked to vote for me!!!!! However if Larry wants to catch up for a coffee I'm available!

  4. Hope you do well @GTO Blog. Well dne Rox but where did the other 1998 votes come from? Hmm
    and Wendy - I passed your comment on to Don J Volau. He said that the strongest thing that he drinks is tea. He is now looking forward to doing an article about you in the next gazette! :-)


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