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This blog site is proud to welcome the occasional contribution from Don J Volau, previously a journalist with the Irish Gazette who published the exclusive April Fool’s day newstory that travelled around the world. http://djcronin.blogspot.com/2010/04/volunteer-managemer-banned.html

Gaining worldwide fame from this article and after appearances on the “Ellen” and Letterman shows as well as “Larry King Live” Don has decided to set up his own publication “The Volunteerism Gazette”
Some of this publication will be reproduced here after http://djcronin.blogspot.com/ outbid bidders from CNN, Fox News and the Ballykissangel Herald.

“ I wanted to share my writings with a site that had integrity, dynamicism ( we looked up the word – we couldn’t find it either – Ed) and light bulb jokes”

Don has been a journalist for almost 2 months. Previous to this he was a volunteer matchmaker in Southwest Ireland. “I wasn’t very successful unfortunately as a lot of my matchmaking ended in divorce. And this is why I have a great empathy for the Volunteer Management sector as well – our professions are misunderstood” When asked by our blog to explain further Don explained “ I had several people visit me from Switzerland to check out what kind of watches I was making!”

We welcome Don. Watch this space for his articles of dynamicism!


  1. To see Dons original article for our site click on April on the right hand column!


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